My Busa on the Track....


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I took my Busa to the track today and was able to do a 20 minute "Taste of Racing" where we get to have at it on the track.  It was GREAT! and I think some of them were surprised that a Busa can do that well on the track.  
Of course I'm no expert, but without knee or toe sliders, I wasn't going to drag a knee so I'm staying "up on the bike" quite a bit.  Had I gone much lower I would have started dragging cans.

I'll post more once they get uploaded....


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I've never had chicken strip... once the tires are broke in I rail the corners every weekend. I guess chicken strips are the norm for most Busa riders in this area.


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Bill,most of us go to the dragstrip,but we are around and hit the twisties often.It would be good to meet you one day and take a ride.


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(GoldenChild @ Oct. 01 2006,23:14) Bill,most of us go to the dragstrip,but we are around and hit the twisties often.It would be good to meet you one day and take a ride.
Yes, we difinately have to meet.  I was in Wanker's in Wilsonville one Sunday evening earlier this summer and you pulled into the parking lot but diidn't come in or stay.  You left before I knew you were out there.  My Busa was parked in back so you had no idea I was there.

I'll be looking you up for some "upgrades" this winter, but we still have some good ride time left.


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Great pics... they didn't make you tape up your lights? Did you just disconnect everything? How did you get 20 mins of "Git R Done" time? Looks like a great time and you are obviously comfortble with your scoot!


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(MC MUSTANG @ Oct. 02 2006,05:01)
We have OMRRA races here (Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association) that is a series running all summer. To promote racing, they offer a "Taste Of Racing" every racing day during the lunch hour. It's $20 for 20 minutes. They do a very simple inspection of the bike to make sure it is safe (tires, chain, no leaks etc). Since they are street bikes ridden in by spectators, they don't require taping off headlights, mirrors etc. It's the best bang for the buck! Ride in, watch races till noon ($8.00) and then do 20 minutes on the track ($20.00) and they even threw in free lunch yesterday!

"Fast Eddie" takes pictures of the racers and "TOR" riders every OMRRA weekend. He does a great job and posts them up for everyone free of charge. What a cool guy!!!
Thanks for the comments guys.


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Cool Deal.I come to Wilsonville daily to take my kids to daycare over there.I will have to hook up with you sometimes.I may try out roadracing next year.


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(WWJD @ Oct. 02 2006,09:15)
Sliders.. Toe, knee or frame?
Knee pucks are coming.
Toe sliders on my next boots - I didn't know I'd be getting over that far whe I bought the Busa. I know I'm a good rider (been riding since I was 10) but didn't think I needed Race boots for my street bike.
Frame sliders- I HATE the idea of butching the plastic for a frame slider. If I go down riding like that its not gonna matter, a frame slider can only REALLY help with light drops in the driveway.

I know my limits and stay within them. IMO a person should never ride harder than this on the street anyways... god only knows what's waiting around the corner for ya....


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Those are some great pictures. Funny how I always check out the chicken strips on every bike I walk by anymore! You can see that your's are gone just from the pictures. Nice job!

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