Busa down!!


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Well its not that as bad as it sounds.  Not a scratch on me and just scratches on the busa.  Here goes,
Ran into some road construction where they're re-tarring the surface.  I have stock tires and it was like riding on ice.  I was very careful and about a mile or so later the road looked good again but I was still riding cautious.  Coming up on a 180 right turn, choose my speed, leaned over, front tire just slides accross the road.  Right thru the opposite traffic lane, tire is still sliding accross the road(no squealing) not going to make the turn.  As I get close to the shoulder on the opposite side of the road, there is the white lane--2 inches of soft dirt--then a mountain side.  Straightened up the bike for the soft dirt..........almost saved it..........but the left cowling slid on the mountain side scrathing it up.  Never came off the seat and the back end never touched the mountain.  
Weird..........I guess I still had some of that fresh tar on the side of my front tire.  Could've been a lot worse, if it had been a left turn there would have been a drop off instead of a mountain side!!
Don't have the funds now, so Busa's going to have to stay scratched for a while.
Learned my lesson, the two guys I was riding with had softer tires and had no problems. One of'em had track tires that were street legal, he never even noticed the tar....he had the grip!
What speed where you going into the turn?

Thanks for the info, I will have to remember that when going thru road construction. Guess I never really though about the tar on the sides of the tire so much.

Glad you are ok, plastic can always be replaced.
Bikes can be fixed the rider some times, not always :) But your still here posting so thats a good thing ! That sux about the bike tho but at least your ok lol ...

O yeah and have you ever done a speed run on Pacific coast highway ?
Agreed, sux about the bike.  In AZ they do something called "chip sealing".  They coat the road with an oil/tar mix, then spread gravel on it.  Then they let the TRAFFIC POUND THE GRAVEL INTO THE SURFACE! It is suposed to seal the surface of the road.  It makes for a really interesting riding experience.  Slippery roads, tar all over everything, rock damage on all surfaces.  And when they do it in front of your house, the kids tarck tar all over the floors!

Oh well.

Ride Safe!

MAN...Yeah you gotta keep a close eye on them mountains...The just sneak up on you and BAM...well there you go...Sneaky bastards... :D

Seriously, sorry to hear man, glad your OK and I will second Sleepers comment, coulda been real bad...wear the scars on the bike without shame...
Wow, that sucks man. Glad your ok. Why would you ride your bike through tar? That stuff is hell getting off of paint.
Glad you're Ok brother, and glad your Busa isn't to banged up. Ride on bro.
I'm fine mentally, as good as I was before the mountain!  We were on a day trip and it took an hour or so and I was back into the groove.  Rode for another 6-7 hours after the mountain, it just took an hour to trust that tire again.  One of those questions how can I scrub it off if its on the side and I have to be leaned over to get the road surface on it.  
For the question on how fast was I going, approx. 45-50mph when the front tire first started sliding.....then I engine braked and used small amounts of rear brake only(since it was the front not griping) got it slowed to about 20mph before I had to straighten it up and touched mountain side.  It just wouldn't turn when I leaned over. It was very weird feeling the rear grip and the front just slide accross the road. Once I straightened it up(knew I would never make the turn) then I was on the brakes completely.........barely moving when I touched the mountain but enough to scratch.
For the question on speed running on PCH, I normally obey the law on PCH...........way too many cops on patrol.  I go into the canyons where its just me and the bobcats(almost hit one yesterday!!!).
And oh yeah, I'm damn proud that I stayed in the seat!!! :super:
And almost forgot, why'd I ride on tar. Didn't know it was there until I was on it. Your riding along........is that tar.....
...bike's on the tar..............it is tar...............this stuff sucks!!!!!!!
Thank god and your guardian angel & your presence of mind. That you are OK.
Yep..slid on a tar patch once on highway 50..ninja 900..Huge motor home right there sheez...
scary stuff that "tar"..glad yer Ok....so many hazards..ride well gang.. :eek:
It was a great save, not going down after sliding like that!

The road was freshly tarred in some places and had fresh asphalt in some places. The fresh ashpalt leaves little crumbs all over your tire which makes the tires slippery until they rub off.

Oh, and I was one of the guys. :laugh:
Glad you're ok.
That dang new roads and brand new tarmacs sometimes brings unpleasant surprises. A scratch on the bike only hurts your soul (until you fix it)... better than hurt anything else :)
So glad you're okay Charles...it's strange, but I don't trust the stock tires as much as I did on my Harley...never had an incident like you've just had, but I'll run across patches in the road or stretches of asphalt that look like they're just too "shiny" and slick for my Busa to pass over safely...I creep across until I see better pavement...

Sorry your Busa's scratched, but I'm glad you're here to tell us about it... :)