'busa buyer? - advice please


Hi all.

I've been riding for 12 years now, having owned eight bikes.  My current machine is a Suzuki SV650 that I've put quite a bit of work into, with favorable results.

I do have significant experience on literbikes, having owned a ZX-11 and a V-Max.  I ride fairly aggressively, enjoying the occasional jump to light speed when the conditions present themselves.

I've never ridden a 'busa, but ever since they were introduced, I've been captivated.

In no particular order then, do the forumites here think, based on what I've told you, the Hayabusa is a good candidate for me?  After being on a middleweight CBR and, then, my SV650 for the last few years, I find myself missing the hand-of-god power of my ZX.

So that poses another question - how does the 'busa stack up against an Eleven?  I'd guess I'm not totally out of my league considering a Hayabusa considering my experience with large, powerful bikes.

Lastly, I'm curious to know if there are any 'busa owners in the Omaha, Nebr. area who'd be willing to hook up with me some weekend afternoon and let me throw a leg over their bike.  Of course, you'd be able to test out my SV and lunch is on me.  

Thanks alot everyone.  Ride fast.  Ride well.


PS - If you'd like to check out my SV (or make me an offer so you can give your wife or girlfriend an early birthday present, lol), here's my website:

SV650 - modern day cafe' racer
After reading the boards and mags I decided to upgrade from my '94 Fzr1000. I was kind of disappointed due to the fact the power was much more linear than my Yamaha (deceptively faster though). With the Genmar riser its quite a bit more comfortable too. A well put together bike and a good purchase for me. If you've got experience on a ZX-11 the Busa will be a good purchase.
Finally! Someone who wants to buy a 'Busa that has some experience. Based on what you say, if true, you should be ready to move up. You won't be dissapointed.
I think it'd be a great bike!

It is an incredible machine, and if you have the experience to deal with it, you'll love it.

Can't say much more than that, because I've never ridding an 11, so can't compare.

Buy a busa. I owned a 95 zx-11 and if you liked that you will love the power of a busa. The busa rides better, corners better and has a ton more power.You just can't beat a busa !

I agree it is nice to hear someone who is not 15 and just wants to go nuts. You will have a great time.
I have had four bikes all big Zukes. I'm 5-10 145 long legs and arms and the Busa fits me great! I average 400+ miles a week and average about 5000RPM'S all the way. It takes me about 40 min to get to work. I don't have the speed hump because I have to carry a bunch of work paraphernaila with me. 14k on it right now and no problems. It eats back tires if you lack right wrist discipline. Comfortable, smoooooooth, and scary fast. Get one!!!!
Unbelieveable, another potential rider in my area on this board.  I live in Lincoln.  There's three others here that I'm aware of, but have never met any of them.  (Due to a variety of factors, the Busa is sort of like spotting Elvis, at least around here)  The squids can't afford Busas, or their insurance. I know that two of the three others in Lincoln are owned by a husband/wife pair who each ride one. How cool is THAT? He's a drag racer.

Anyway, You'll love the Busa.  But sorry, I just don't see myself letting anyone else get behind the controls.  

You been looking at Sevens Cycle up on 72nd?  They have one silver one left (that's what I bought a month ago).  But you can try to lowball Star City Motorsports here in Lincoln.  I did, and they took it.  They have (or had) 4 black/blue, and feel like they can't get rid of them.

E mail me if you like.   bosch@alltel.net
I road a ZX-11 prior to having a Busa. The Busa is more powerful and faster, but the difference is deceptive because the Busa's torque curve is so smooth and the gearing is taller. Aside from the power and torque, the most notable differences between these two bikes are in the compliance of the suspension and braking power. (The Busa also has better throttle response.)

Whereas the ZX becomes unsettled over bumps, the Busa soaks them up effortlessly. The Busa also "turns in" with much less effort. The brakes are much better, and if I may talk about something as pedestrian as a headlight, the Busa's headlight rules.

On the downside: the reach to the bars on the Busa is significantly farther (sportier), the motor has a particularly noticeable vibration around 4700 RPM, and the transmission on many bikes suffer from false neutrals in the higher gears (especially 6th). Additionally, if you are into straffing apexes, you will eventually notice that the Busa's throttle response can be a little abrupt which will require a "quiet" throttle hand.

While I found the ZX-11 to be somewhat more comfortable for long trips, I generally use my bikes for relatively short "fun". If your profile is similar, you will enjoy the Busa much more because, overall, it is more highly engineered.
If you like power Buy the busa, you seem to have plenty of expiriance( a first, I can actually reccomend a busa instead of trying to dissuade them from the purchace due to lack of expiriance!!!!!!!&#33
It is a magnificent machine, you will not be dissappointed. It seems a little on the heavy side (550lbs).but this bike is unbeliveably neutral handling, you won't notice the weight as soon as you start rolling. Just don't forget it's there. Respect it and you will love it. this has been the bike I have ridden for street use. This thing is smooth. Just make sure you have a good feel for the throttle action before you leave the lot. that beast is quicker than a mo' fo' Ha HHAAAAAAAAAAAA