Hayabusa vs. SV650

ride quality
The hayabusa is a Lexus compared to the SV. So much smoother on all roads. I've done 600 mile days on the hayabusa, I don't know that I could do that on his bike.

The busa feels like a premium vehicle. It feels more substantial, kind of like comparing a 2000 corolla vs a 2012 SUV. With that said, the SV seating position is actually more upright, so there's less pressure (comparing stock bikes) on the wrists.

rider position
You sit in the hayabusa, you sit on top of the SV.

Agreed. The SV is taller by a bit.

wind protection
This was a surprise to me. SV hands down. I rode both to work on upper 20 degree days and the SV kept the wind off of my up body much better.

No way! The busa lower fairings cover up a lot of wind in that general area. The route the wind takes into your chest is a form of the windshield you select. Regardless of which, the busa slices through the air a LOT better.

I've passed a box truck and hit cross wind on the SV that almost tossed me off the bike. I've had high winds on the highway that prevented me from going over 80 mph on the SV. I've NEVER had any issue on the busa in any condition that was remotely similar!

I feel like a pro on the SV once I get to a twisty road. I can carry sooooo much more speed with soooo much less drama with it.

The SV is like a miata, rx-8, s2000, etc. Nice handling, but underpowered. My SV had emulators, and upgraded rear shocks. You can't really mod it for power because the engine literally won't last even with moderate power boost.

Another reason why you feel confidence with the SV, is because the motor won't bite you. You can open up the throttle at almost any time and not have to worry if you're going to find yourself in the trees shortly after :)

Here's my 2006 SV650S:

mysql I totally disagree with you on the wind protection issue. I wear ski pants when I ride, so I feel zero wind on my legs on either bike. If you read, I said it hit my chest more on the hayabusa than the sv. I rode them on back to back days when the temp. was only a degree apart. I wear a perforated leather jacket and trust me you can tell if the wind is hitting you in the chest or not. If I tuck on the hayabusa no wind at all. I didn't need to tuck on the sv because the wind blast was up much higher.

I misspelled or just plain left off some letters in my first post. It should have said upper body instead of up body. My bad for not checking it first.
I have had the chance to ride many versions of the SV650. Real nice bike for what it is! Torquey fun and makes a beautiful noise! A good all round bike, even better with a set of better brakes, forks, and shock upgrade.
Just a quick update. He finally broke down and sold the SV. Looks like I'm a 2 bike owner after all. With the busa getting ever closer to the 50k mark this will help keep the mileage down on the busa.