Burnout Pic


Take this Jerry, you silly little rodent
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Hey guys,

Just thought I'd post a pic of a burnout and a pic of the bike as I haven't posted in a while...hope you enjoy!!..



One win in my series so far. Ranked 4th currently. I have an event this weekend and then one more in September. From 1st to 4th there isn't many points difference. So it's still anyone's game. It's actually pretty exciting.

Nice pic methyman!!! Guess I don't need that much heat, but put on a new Shinko hookup, so I guess we will see what happens this weekend.
I have to ask....
You have her stretched, dropped and have the body work re-done to fit over the stretch, but you choose to run on track with 40+#'s of extra exhaust....

Am I missing something ???