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Here's where we're at with the BSTs. I want the new Rapid TEK design for the 2013-2019 busa.

Problem: I have an 08. Will the ABS compatible Rapid TEKs for the 2013 fit my 08?

I received some drawings and as you can see, the rear for the 08 is just a .60 mm wider than the RapidTEK.

I say .60 mm narrower at the hub will fit the rear. The swing arm will squeeze together to fit the hub. What do you think?

Brocks said 08-12 BSTs have been fit to an ABS model but it took a bit of rigmarole to fit the ABS wheels to an 08-12. The guy couldn't remember exactly what tweaking was required.



Brooks has no drawing of the front Rapid TEK for 2013-19. I do not know how much it may differ from the front traditional design BST that is made to fit my 08.

I want these Rapid TEKs. Any thoughts? Remember, can't return them if I install them.


That .6mm would be within the acceptable tolerance I would think , most of the critical measurements had a +-.20mm . The new BST is offered to fit the L3+ Busa , so you might want to go and have a look at the front of an abs equipped busa , and check for yourself just how different the front wheel spacing etc. is compared to your '08 . I bet everything is basically the same , but just to be sure .
The BST hubs on both the drawings looks like they both are using the same , that is interesting .


Why not use one .60mm washer, or two .30mm(depending if the space needs taken up on one side or both), rather than try to "squeeze" the rear of the swingarm together.
That's a real thin washer. .30 is getting down to sheet metal I'd think. I'd have to make them but it seems like that would work.

The new BST is offered to fit the L3+ Busa , so you might want to go and have a look at the front of an abs equipped busa
That's what we'll do then. I'll make some photos and cut some templates from my stock wheel and compare to a real ABS busa. It's going to be a long road trip to find a new busa but it's about time I stop into a dealership to sit on some new bikes anyway.

I'll post my findings ASAP.


Top Gun
Yes, very thin, roughly .023-.024" thick
That is about 6 sheets of paper thick, or 3 per side.
More of a shim than a washer, but I still would not want to draw up the slack just by tightening the axle nut.

Aluminum beer/drink cans are around .008" thick, and make good shim material.

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