British rider takes video of friends death


:heart-break::heart-break: Really sad, I will never understand the speed thing??? I'm really sorry, prayers to the family,and RIP rider.. :angel::angel:


Reminds you of so many youtube videos including the Ghost Riders. Sad to see it end in tragedy but not surprising. Was that little car that he collided with actually TRYING to block him? Seems strange that the car would try to overtake with a single lane in each direction and a truck coming the other way?


Was that little car that he collided with actually TRYING to block him? Seems strange that the car would try to overtake with a single lane in each direction and a truck coming the other way?
Guess well never know...

Prayers to all involved.


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All I can say is that is terrible, such a tragic accident. I hated to see that~!~

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ride like a fool and you die like an idiot... how sad for his family..

I feel worse for the van driver...


I hear ya Bogus....we often forget about the other people involved in these accidents and how it affects them even if they weren't physically hurt. That van driver will probably have the image of that rider going under their vehicle etched on their brain for the rest of his/her life. The image of the aftermath might be that much worse.


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very sad indeed, I'm really glad know one in the cars where hurt, when my friends start to ride like this I go elsewhere!


Wow! That is very sobering... and scary. I was confused as to why that car was moving into oncoming traffic at that point as well. I've seen cars swerve at bikes before to block them or slow them down and it makes me furious every time for this exact reason. Some people think they have the right to dictate how others behave on the road. Everyone driving faster than them is a lunatic, everyone driving slower is an idiot.

The one thing that keeps me safe is assuming on EVERY bike ride that there is an assassin with my photo in an envelope and mission to take me out. I look at every car and think to my self, "if that were the assassin and they made their move to take me out, where would I go to avoid it? Could I stop in time? Could I swerve? Accelerate?" If I don't have room to make a move I change my situation; slow down, change lanes, speed up, get out to the pack of cagers... whatever it takes. You don't have to be doing something stupid for something like this to happen.


I feel for the guy that hit him . I see people swerving over to cut off bikes or cars all the time . That being said,IMHO they were riding like idiots . Just because you can squeeze your bike past someone doesn't mean you should(or even try) . I'm not a saint by any means . But some of that riding had me saying "WTF are you thinking!" C'mon the guy filming is riding the ass to the right of the car in front of him in a single lane and roadkill squeezes between them?! You dare death to take you and he will .


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sorry for the loss.

its always the other drivers you gotta look out for, some drivers get scared and swerve.


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Screwing around in the close proximity of cars is always asking for trouble. Sad, but you could see it coming.


The car that swerves needs to be brought in on charges (whether they stick or not) of some sort just because his driving looked like a deliberate act of homicide. I mean he practically hit the oncoming van himself.


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Really sad!!! Prayers to the friends and family.

I can remember a time when I have done something that I later look back on and say that was really stupid and I'm lucky to be alive. I learned from thoes mistakes.

These guys made a very poor judgment call to ride like that in that kind of traffic, and now one paid the highest price.

Just really sad imo.

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