First death

curtis T

I know if you guys are like me, ya just hate hearing about cycle Deaths. But I thought I would pass this on to keep everyone "heads up" this year, and start the summer out using good judgement. The weather is finaly getting good up here in Wisconsin and the riders are comming out of the wood work around here.

Any way....a 23 year old kid on a sport bike was speeding down the lake front in Milwaukee, bit off more than he could chew and lost it, into a concrete baracade......Died on impact, was wearing helmet and gear......Police said speed was a factor. (are'nt they brillant!)

Ride Safe!
A guy died 3 weeks only a few miles from where i live. I rode slowly through a roundabout where i saw a dozen people placing flowers next to a guard railing. They all gave me a solom stare. Later i found out that he hit the guard rail doing only 25 mph but he wasn't wearing a helmet.
Sounds like a helmet would have definitly help that guy out.....
Im assuming to get killed at 25 mph he must have had a head injury?
We lost 3 guys last month Just on the big island of Hawaii ( not including Honolulu ) 2 guys were on Harleys 1 on a Ninja the ninja rider was wearing a helmet and was in a downtown area so he wasnt doin 150 + old man in a pick up turn left right into him. I had the ninja rider around but had not met him yet. I to was passing on my bike the spot he died a few days later as 25 or so people were placing flowers at the road side. Everyone looked at me as I slowly passed...kinda spooky like... no expression. Finally I waved to them and every single one return a wave and a few shouts. I felt strange and sorry for their loss. So be safe out there.
Yes you always hate to hear about deaths or accidents.

I was shocked at what I saw Sunday. Thinking about how you always need to look watch etc. etc. I was amazed when I saw 6 bikers on sport bikes, 2 doing wheelies 2 in the middle doing one side peg stands and 2 in the rear doing seat stands, all on an open road.
A truck pulled out in front of them, they all had to stop quick. Fortunately no one was hurt or crashed, but holy poop they all came with in an inch of their life. If we keep seeing more people (Yes including myself) taking bikes to the limits we are going to see more and more accidents.