Bike Week '03


I should be back to work by the end of next week.. Full time permenant this time. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyway... Who is planning on going? There are 3 of us in the St. Louis area who are planning on coming down. 2 Busas and a 1k.

Meating place for the 6?, 7?, 8?... Posibly(sp) earlier. Our plans aren't laid in stone yet. I've been waiting on a job and to find out just what state I was going to be working in. I'm going to start looking for a place to stay the week of X-mas. If nothing elese we can probably stay with some of my reletives in Orlando. 45 min drive but it's free.

It should be a great time.


Steve, I'm guessing your talkin Daytona... what are the dates? ( month too plz ) I will be at SonomaFest in May 1-4, and Laguna Seca in July 10-14, and have to be back here in Hawaii most of June. Would love to head out there also if my wife lets me.
i'll be there the 4th to the 10th

have my room booked at the studio's plus in orlando. cheapest rates and a great room. 330. for the entire week and only a half hour drive to daytona..

see ya's there
Ahhhhh thats right when I arrive in Calif. I'll have to catch it next year. Still, I hope we are all on for Laguna Seca...???