Best Synthetic Oil for a Gen 2

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MattyIce 79

Hello everyone:)

I’m just looking to get some feedback and thoughts on this one: (you guys are good)
Bought a 2012 with 5,200 miles. She’s been well maintained as the previous owner supplied maintenance records the day of purchase. The previous owner had it serviced at a Suzuki dealership which they used regular factory oil. I’m not going to need a oil change for a little while but I’ve been researching synthetic oils for the bike and thinking of using a certain type - as follows:

Motul 7100 full synthetic blend.
I’ve read reviews on this oil and from what I can tell, it’s some of the best stuff out there for our Busa’s. Fellow riders (not from our site) say it makes for smoother shifts and longer oil change intervals, all the way up to her running at a slightly lower temperature overall.

Just doing some future planning, please let me know what you guys think. PS bike has never had synthetic oil, just thinking of switching over.


I have run full synthetic in all of my bikes with zero issues. I have yet to change the oil in the Busa though and like you MattyIce, I will have to research a bit as well...I know it has synthetic in it but not sure of the brand or weight.

MattyIce 79

From what I’ve researched, once you go synthetic you can’t go back. I’m not sure if this is 100% true as I am inexperienced.


From what I’ve researched, once you go synthetic you can’t go back. I’m not sure if this is 100% true as I am inexperienced.
You can go back, it just takes a few oil changes. You could go from full synthetic to semi synthetic to dino oil.

My brother runs dino oil in everything, he has two BMW RT bikes and one has over 500,000 miles on it and has never been torn down, the other has 190,000 miles and has no major issues.


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Oh no!! Another oil thread. LOL! Amsoil on all vehicles without any issues. Some people like shell rotella.
Amsoil since new, 2/04/2006, with excellent results. I’ve never added oil between 5,000 mile changes. My 82 CBX also ran Amsoil and had 106K on it when I sold it. Never used oil. I don’t get the idea of blends especially with the outrageous prices for even Dino oil these days. Full synth Amsoil has no friction modifiers which can cause clutch slipping on wet clutch packs. Dry clutch motors can use most any oil but still, a full synthetic lubricates better, motors run cooler with it and it doesn’t degrade like Dino oil allowing for far longer oil change intervals. That being said, I’ve never heard of an oil related engine failure when the correct amount of oil was present and the filter hadn’t failed no matter what kind of oil was used.


Just FYI you can even use a good quality car oil just make sure there are no friction modifiers in it because it might make the clutch on our bikes to slip most 10/40 and 5/40 car oils don t have friction modifiers in them yet but check anyway it is lot cheaper and easier to get than expensive bike specific oils :thumbsup:


i use motul in the busa and mobil 14t in the 14 just for comparison. not much difference in the two both good oils but motul by a hair if I nitpick. use stock filter in any case and you should be fine.


Amsoil always.
they have always put their money into R&D, not marketing.
Marketing doesn't win races and protect engines

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