Anyone ever seen these Suzuki Falcon decals?


I recently bought these Suzuki Falcon decals I found. Thought they were pretty cool. I can’t find any info on them. They look to be legit Suzuki made decals done in the ‘99 Copper colors with a metalish looking background. Very nice quality decals. They measure about 6.25” by 4”. Anyone ever seen them or know about them? Hayabusa unveiling decals? Auto show? Dealer advertising?

I have seen them without the quote written on them.
I know it was 2000 then though, because a friend of a friend had a new blue 2000 Busa then.
I'de assume they made a few versions of that image the first couple years.
I think that ad was in a few motorcycle magazines in 1999 and 2000 too.
That’s pretty cool. I figured they are early busa debut era decals. I’d never seen anything like them. I’ve been scouring the web, but can’t find any related ads, but figured if anyone knows it’s probably someone on here. Maybe I’ll try and hint down some old sport bike magazines of the era.