Anybody ride today?


Finally got the first nice day in probably a month around here. with temps in the middle 60's, no clouds, and no crosswinds. Rode with a friend over to Mt. Cheaha in Alabama for a total of about 5 hours. Even got to dispatch an impudent Ford Focus maxed out at about 120mph on the interstate while my 'busa was humming along at about 6k rpms. The driver seemed to be shocked that when she reached her top speed, I left her like she was sitting still. I know that's no real victory, but it sure felt good since it was the first time in months that I had really opened it up a little.
haha... bust that focus up man!! haha.

I got to ride a few hours today also... mid 50's and sorta sunny.. Lots of gravel on the road though.. The bike was ready to go though.

I let it idle for a few minutes then rode the 3 miles out to the main road, hit the pavement and romped it in first.. haha front wheel started lifting.. whee!!

can't wait till warm weather.
My bud and I did 300 miles yesterday. Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Springs, Pahrump, Crystal, Indian Springs, back to Red Rock, and home... EXCELLENT. Saw a true 165 as I left my friend's GSXR600 in the dust!

Glad you had some fun, we did too...! Wish every day could be a 300 mile day!!!
Hey Ben its been awhile. Did a quick run up the parkway and paid a visit to the dragon. If it was on 2 wheels it was out. It would be nice if the weather held out for another week or 2 .
Busaben, you were in my neck of the woods today. I thought about Cheaha, but thought it would be too covered up. I went on for about 150 miles today with a couple of buddies of mine. Are you local around Anniston?
paistes5 Posted on Feb. 02 2003,4:58
Busaben, you were in my neck of the woods today.  I thought about Cheaha, but thought it would be too covered up.  I went on for about 150 miles today with a couple of buddies of mine.  Are you local around Anniston? [/QUOTE]

I'm 25 miles due south of Atlanta.  However, I went to school in Jacksonville, just a few miles north of you so I know the area.  That whole area around Oxford and Mt. Cheaha is very scenic and makes for a great day ride for me.  Mt. Cheaha is normally about 2 hours away except I did get home today in about an hour on the 'busa!

You don't have a black and blue busa do you?  I saw a guy headed west on I-20 around Heflin area on my way home.
Shoeio, glad you got to ride Deal's gap. However, North Ga. mountains are in pretty bad shape right now. Lot's of road debris, salt, sand, gravel. I know of two guys that went down today and at least 4 that got tickets from law enforcement up there. I'm going to wait till some spring rains clear the roads a little before I go north again.
Didn't get to ride Sun (birthday) but I'm going out Mon!

Smoked a brand new 'Vette Sat. Rich chick thought she was fast.
Rode to Austin saturday........coming back that night I passed a souped up MX6 that was doing about 130 when he passed me.........I blew by him a few seconds later at about 180-185.......we stopped and talked about ten miles down I-35. He was was my buddy on his new R1........he thought his Yawnaha was gonna keep up...........fat chance buddy.
They called the "STUNNAH" up Sunday and said "STUNNAH are you going to ride"? STUNNAH replied "Well of course Grasshoppers"...We finally got together and it turned out to be about 15 bikes...I felt like Smoke rolling out front with these pawns following waiting on my every move...Man my Busa was awesome...No one even challenged me...We had 12's, 1000's, R1's in the group but htey all knew their place which was behind the "STUNNAH"...We rode about three hours...We went to the place they were showing Biker Boys and made some noise and rolled out...It was cool as crap...Didn't have a camera...Had almost forgotten how to ride...
Glad to see you back on the bike Stunnah!!!

I got out Mon and checked out a different canyon road. I had to go slow(er) because it was unfamiliar, but it was pretty cool. Some tight twisties (25mph) and some long straights (130). Not the best surface though, a little rippled in some spots.
You are right about that one Ben. There was still a whole lot of debrie on the roads up there. Mainly gravel and tree limbs. SO we had to be extre careful. I think it is that time of year. The police are setting up traps all over the place. So one has to be aware of whos around.
Ben, I own a black and blue, and I was on I-20, but I wasn't around Heflin. I actually live up close to Jax in Gadsden. Sorry about the long reply, computer is in the shop.
Time to pay the piper, after so long with no rain, and posting pics of sunny 70 deg. days in Jan, it finally started raining here in Cali. Haven't ridden since Tue 2/11, and proly won't be able to ride 'til Sun. Might not be a big deal to you guys in the snow, but you don't know how addicted you are to something until to have to stop doing it.
The weather forecast has it raining here in Ga. from today through Sunday. So, I took yesterday off and got in a 300 mile day. Beautiful weather and shook some of the cobwebs off. Unfortunately, one of the guys along for the ride, only had 100 miles on his bike, so we kept our speed down to help him with his break-in.