Another starting issue


2006 LE with about 13K miles.
Will fire right up after sitting when cold. However after a ride, she doesn't wanna turn over unless I give about 1/2 fast idle....
When I bought it, the guy had those annoying lights installed. Removed all that..only aftermarket item I'm running is HID lights.
edit: Does have a PC3 USB installed...
where to start?



I would try disconnecting the pc if you havent already. Also maybe try going over the small stuff first. I would check fuel pressure for sure.


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My first step would be disconnect pc as well. See if the stock map gets the same thing. If that fails put a larger gauge ground wire on the batt. Also check rectifier.

Mr Brown

Being injected, it shouldn't require any throttle input at all to start. As stated, disconnect the PC and see what happens.
When you say she doesn't want to turn over, do you mean it cranks slow, or cranks normal but is reluctant to start?

Kiwi Rider

Assuming the motor is slow to crank over when hot, give this a try.
Try doing a voltage drop test at the battery terminals WHILE cranking the engine, first when cold starting, then when hot starting.
Example . . . battery shows 12.5v resting with key on.
Push starter and crank engine.
What does the voltage drop to?
If it goes below 10v the either the battery or the starter has a problem.
To narrow it down further, put a jump pack on the battery terminals.
Now crank it.
Has this improved the cranking speed?
Is the voltage drop less? If it's improved, you have a tired battery.
Now check the charging system output while motor is running.
If it is low (less than 12.8v) charging system tests are required.
If it is say 13.5v it's ok and the ground connections and starter relay connections need to checked for security and no corrosion etc.
If they are ok, it most likely has a starter motor fault.
Hope this helps.
I hope this helps and does not confuse the issue.


Thanx for the replies!!

Its strong crank but doesn't wanna fire up..

Will check the gas vent...I've noticed a whistling every now and then....
Forgot about pulling the dumbass...

I'll let you guys know!!

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