Another screen question


Hey all, I want to order a new screen, and want it significantly darker than stock.

It is hard to tell on their website, are the zero gravity screens significantly darker than stock?

Also, on the double bubble, how much higher would you say it is? Its hard to get a good idea from the small pics on their website, and I wouldn't mind extra wind protection, but I love the sleek lines of the busa.


I can say that the double bubble is well worth the money. Put mine on last week and all I can say is WOW!! The difference is well worth it and the lines of the screen just makes it look that much better!

You will like it, trust me.
I had some of the same concerns, but after getting the DB Lt/smoke screen it's truely a plus, it does'nt take away any of sleek look, in fact it adds a nice little body line that does'nt look to big, Im guessing it adds mabe 1.5 to 2 inches to the hight and really makes the gauge package easy to see (the stock screen edge ran through the top of the gauges and really bothered me&#33
and as for the color or shade, the light smoke is fairly dark looking almost black with some transparency to it. I can only guess that the dark smoke would be solid black with no visability through it (like it was painted). I say go for it, can't imagine anyone being dissapointed in the Dubble Bubble.
:16:I installed a Double bubble/smoke,last nite& put 400 miles on it today. The diffrence was just what I was looking for. I measured the height diffrence from the fork pivot nut and the double bubble is 1 1/4 taller than stock.
I'm 6'2'' and the wind would hit just below diaphram and up.
New screen-hits accross hi shoulders,(when sitting up-aginst the tank.) But most important to me is the way it works in those top-end blasts our Hayabusa's are know for. I can now get into a comfortable full tuck, see thru the windscreen and really the only wind was what rip's across the leathers on your back . Its workin' for me !!
Double bubble is the ####. Should have came factory. Looks good and actually does something. I can actually see my gauges and fit underneath for hi speed stuff. Absolutely love it.btw I'm 6'4