Screen for an '02


My dealer says that none of the screens he's tried fit the '02 busa. Don't know why, but he says the holes don't line up and he's broken two of 'em, an LP and Zero Gravity.

Anyone put a screen on an '02? Which one? I really want something darker.

Not to be flipent but call ZG. I have not heard of that one. They had 02 listed. Sorry I can not be more help. maybe someone else will answer.
FNG, so it fit fine? I went to order one (through dealer) and they said it wouldn't work.

I'll just order one and if it doesn't work, send it back.

If it's either of two dealers of which I am thinking, they'd have a hard time not blowing the motor just trying to get the key in the ignition. I'm surprised they only broke the windscreen trying to replace it.

BTW, when I went to one to get the CCT recall about two years ago (the only time it has ever been serviced by someone else since I have had it, regrettably), they managed to destroy the fairing clips and ruin two engine seals (which I bet they just reused and sold the new ones at 20% over retail... as usual). Beware dealing with them.
I put a Powerbronze Double Bubble windscreen on my '02 Silver/Grey in light tint (same as factory OEM tint). It took less than 10 minutes to install. They fit perfectly. Looks great but works even better. I can actually see the top of my clocks and turn signal indicators!!! It pushes the wind up and over my head and shoulders which eliminated the "buffeting" effects I was getting at high speeds. It also has a very aerodynamic look. I bought seven of them, sold two and still have one or two I am going to sell. Retail is over $80.00. Make me an offer if you are interested. Bob
Other that graphics, I didn't think there was any difference whatsoever in the plastics. Only thing they ever did as far as I know is add the little brace that goes between the two lower fairings underneath. That was not on the '99 models. Strange that the windshields don't fit.
I also put a Dark smoke ZG Double Bubble on my '02. Fit fine (holes lined up) ...the plastic is a little thinner than stock so I had to cushion it to kill the resulting buzzing. Ordered it straight from ZG. Had it in 2 days, don't think I paid more that $80 for it.