Anobody else have trouble running 64bit while on the .Org

I like running 64 bit for it's speed difference with my dell laptop. 4gigs ram.

But every time it slows and asks if I want to run the adobe add on, I keep clicking yes and when it goes to install it it doesn't.???

What gives?


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The only Adobe plug in I can think that you would need here is flash player for a couple of graphics. Do you see the flag banner at the top of the pages?

If not, try going to the adobe site and installing flash player there and see what happens?
I have ben running it in 32bit, but 64bit runs quite a bit faster for me with the 4gigs of ram.

Thanks for the link to the 64bit adobe flash update.

I found a version 10, but it aint free.???

32Bit it is.:moon:


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Is it possible to run the 64 bit here and block the flash from trying to install?

I can't think of much that would be missing other than that top banner.

I didn't know adobe wasn't natively support flash in the 64 bit browsers.

I'm putting together a Dual Quad Core with 16 gig of ram. Maybe I'll be able to play with it some to see what you are seeing as well soon.
Think about reloading back to XP32 and god save dont use vista.
I cycle through all these OS's and XP32 is the most reliable. You'll get support for 3.5 gig using XP32 sp3.
The gains for a 64 bit OS at this time are minimal, only specialized applications can use it.
Also you'll be relieved to find that alomost everything works when you have a 32 bit os.
Oh yeah, I work at D311 as a Server Test Engineer.


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I'm typing this from my 64-bit Windoze 7 laptop using Firefox. Works fine...


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It trashed the 64-Bit Windoze OS because of all the problems I had with it. I have 2 GB of unaddressable RAM in the machine now, but I'm much happier.


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UBUNTU...... go get it! Windows is great and I have been running it since Windows 3.11 for workgroups. However, anyone interested in a changed.... Ubuntu Home Page | Ubuntu and you can even try it from the CD and not install until you want to. Boot from the CD and in just minutes you are up and surfing. Give it a try. :thumbsup:
I run a 64 bit OS at the house but I use the 32 bit browser. I do this for the simple fact that Adobe does NOT support 64-bit Browsers. Which could cause problems.

Flash Player support on 64-bit operating systems

Just use the 32 bit browser and everything will run as it should.

I also agree that unless you need 64 bit you should stick with 32 bit. I ran a 64 bit linux box and had the exact same flash issue, among other 32bit/64bit problems. I didn't want to sort them all out so I just dropped back down to 32 bit and everything is right as rain.

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