Anyone else having problems with the org??

lil charlie

For a few weeks now the org has not been working correctly for me. It doesn't matter if I log in from my desktop at work or from my laptop at home. The very top of the page has warnings on it and things don't line up just right. When I reply to a thread Im typing and the words show up on the right side of the page instead of going left to right. Also, sometimes, the tool bars are over lapped. The Home, Forum, What's New tool bar is over lapped by the New post, privet messages tool bar. For a few days I thought the site was just being worked on but like I've said...this has been a few or two now Also, the app ForumRunner wont show threads.. It appears to log in but when I ask it o show me the current topics I get a "Parse Error"

Is this just me? Did I miss a thread where we were told the org was being worked on for a while?
Heres a copy of one of the warnings that show up at the top of the page.

Warning: Declaration of vB_ProfileBlock_vBGallery::block_is_enabled() should be compatible with that of vB_ProfileBlock::block_is_enabled() in ..../includes/vbgallery/gallery_profile_block.php on line 515
Also, I hit "what's new" and I don't see this thread I just started, The only way I found it was by going to look at my profile and clicking on the threads I've started.
Scratch that. I cant even find this thread if I go through my profile. I have to go to the forums tab and go to the Random Thoughts area and I can see it. It has 24 views so I know other people can see it. Is this topic showing up under the "what's new" tab for you guys?
Some of the same problems here,, thought it was just that Capt. didn't care for us down here in Alabama,, hahaha
yeah.. as i am typing right now the reply section starts from the right rather than left!!
They still have some kinks for sure. Threads disappear and reappear. What's new goes back to like a week ago threads sometimes. I think Cap is probably pulling his hair out about now. Give it some time, I doubt he is slacking on trying to sort this out.
I am having a lot of the same issues you describe as well. Using Google Chrome I am able to the new post. As I am typing the text is coming from the right and I am getting warnings too. One thing I found that is working as far as finding new posts is to do an advanced search and just search for post within the last week and then they pop up in order from new to older.
When I try to reply the letters appear on screen in window soooooo sloooooooooow.
I can type almost a whole sentence before the first letter Appears?
I started a topic a couple of days ago about it. I was seeing funky lettering at the top of the page.
This is the only error/issue I see. It appears across the top of the page. I haven't cleared any cookies lately because I'm just too lazy right now! :whistle:

Warning: fetch_template() calls should be replaced by the vB_Template class. Template name: gaip_code1 in ..../includes/functions.php on line 4591