Am I missing something...the Hump wont fit!

So, why do some of you leave the grab bar on vs taking the grab bar off? Personal looks or?

I personally like the look. I ride 2 up 90% of the time, so I wanted to be able to just swap the seat and hump when I ride alone. Am I lazy, no, just a preference.
On my 04 I just removed the grab bar when running the hump.
I bought the 03 pictured used and it already had the mod done.
If I remember I'll get you some pics with hump and grab bar and hump without.
Never tried it without myself.
The GenII is a little more complicated. Use the SEARCH function and you will find posts with detailed instructions and pics. Suggest you fully reseach before picking up the dremel!
I think the best solution for me would to take grab handle off for now, until I decide what I want. Thanks for the input!
Can you guys show some side view pics with hump and grab bar on? Not sure what I want to wife doesnt ever use it she says and I dont know what safety factor it would really play as it is not like my wife or son is going to slide off back. I am afraid if I notch it and then I want to take grab bar off, it will look funny. Hmmm? Dilemmas, delimmas...

i never put my bar on whether i am running the hump or riding two up...i personally don't like the way it looks :beerchug:
A lot of people don't like the look of the grab bar. Having it fit with the hump on saves some time if you want to put the seat on.
What Hump mod you talking about???
Here's what my hump mods look like.

Cut the hump!


Looks and more important... Less hassle when going from hump to seat,moving the rear of bike etc....
Get your dremmel out and tell 'em........step off your doing the Hump!!
Keep in mind measure twice cut once.
You can always take off more but you cant put back.
EASY can doooooo it!!!:whistle: