Am I missing something...the Hump wont fit!

I only run the grab handle when the girl wants to ride. Other then that. I take it off and run the hump only!:rulez:
Same here....wife wants to ride, seat/handle on, no wife - no handle! I'm not big by any means but I've never had a problem getting the bike on the rear stand and I never use the bar.
Grab Bars are Ugly:)

Can you guys show some side view pics with hump and grab bar on? Not sure what I want to wife doesnt ever use it she says and I dont know what safety factor it would really play as it is not like my wife or son is going to slide off back. I am afraid if I notch it and then I want to take grab bar off, it will look funny. Hmmm? Dilemmas, delimmas...
I hope your wife never uses it, its not there for her to hold on too! that would be really bad idea! take the dumb thing off its safer, you dont need it, it looks better,saves wieght, and you wont have to molest your hump...
i'm not much for chrome on a sport bike.....or the bigger rear tires on them....

but something about this bike just grabs my attention

i say cut the hump. i ride two up a bit and am too lazy to change it.

that will change when i make a new rear bar with a backrest for her.
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you two are wossies if you cant get your bike on a stand without the use of the grab bar....use your feet on the stand for goodness sakes! lol
no bro. its to balance it easier. anything to help keep it from falling over is better.
Just tell her to hang on to ya tight, ya dont wanna lose that Hottie that you got. :poke: