Am I missing something...the Hump wont fit!


Ok, I bought a brand new hump that was for 99-07 bikes. Took seat off and tried putting hump on the bike. I got the front part hooked in and then tried pushing the rear hump down to lock in...only to find it hits the rear grab bar. Now, I thought the "Hump Mod" was for storage. I know I have seen the rear grab bar on bikes with the hump. Do you have to mod the hump (cut-outs) to keep rear grab bar on?

I don't know about Gen 1 bikes, but the Gen II you have to trim the bottom of the hump to clear the grab bar.
I think it depends on the Gen 1 year. I have an 07 and I had to cut the hump or remove the grab bar.
Cut out a couple slots where the hump hits the grab bar.

Set the hump on, Mark where the grab bar hits it, and cut your marks. Small cuts, you can always go back and cut more but you cant replace areas where you cut to much.
take the ugly grab bar off and put the hump on, it looks better anyway
you need to cut off the section where the grab bar hits the hump w/ a dremel to a big deal.
cut it or take off the bar. Cutting the GEN I is pretty easy if you have a dremmel tool.

Just sit it on there with the bar on and mark where the bars hits...then little bit at a time grind away the material.

Do it a little at a time. You can always take more off but you cant put it back.


Can you guys show some side view pics with hump and grab bar on? Not sure what I want to wife doesnt ever use it she says and I dont know what safety factor it would really play as it is not like my wife or son is going to slide off back. I am afraid if I notch it and then I want to take grab bar off, it will look funny. Hmmm? Dilemmas, delimmas...
wow I only have one side shot with the rail and hump mounted. I'm sure others will have alot more pics. :thumbsup: sorry not the best angle.

If no one else does it before I get home I will take my Hump off and take a couple pics of the cut out section, and a couple close ups of the Hump with the Grab Bar on.