Alpinestars - Excellent Customer Service!


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When someone does a good job supporting their product, they should get credit for it.

This last weekend at Barber, the TPU strap that holds the outside of the Supertech R boot together came off in my hands.

When I got back on Monday, I looked them up online, started to contact via email, but said what the heck I'll call and see if I get anyone. A person picked up on second ring: I told him what my problem was and how could I order the replacement part (mentioning I just bought the boot last year). He asked me for my address and phone number, and said he'd send me a set (that's TWO), no charge. A few hours later, he called me back and said "I don't have any black ones, so I'm going to send you what I have (White) and when the Black one's come in I'll send you a full set of those, also. I don't even think I'll be wearing these boots until the black ones have time to show up, so I will have THREE Spares if it happens again.

Tonight I came home (3 days later) and look what was in my mailbox. Not the top pic the boot on the left...

That's dang good service. I LOVE my Supertech R boot: They are comfortable, have a really TOUGH sole, and most importantly, there is nothing on the inside of the boot to interfere with the rearsets while I'm riding. I still have my Sidi's that I street ride with, but I caught my inner strap several times with my rearsets while track riding and I didn't like that one bit. If I could only have one set of riding boots, it would be the Supertech R's. The extra cost over the Sidi's were worth it.

Thank you A-stars for doing such a great job standing behind your product and your excellent customer service!


Yea, good customer service is a big plus for me.

The wire which connects to a flashing light to show my Datatool alarm is working snapped, phoned them up and they said it wasn't included in the 3 year warranty, but they sent me one free anyway, got it the post the next day.:thumbsup:

Also not bike related but Amazon has the best customer service I've experienced.
Lynne's electric screwdriver broke, it had a 2 year guarantee, which said get in touch with the makers, but she phoned up Amazon, and they sent a new one out, just said send the old one back.:thumbsup:

Plus another couple of times they have helped my out over the phone.
I always wore Sidi boots,recently switched over to Alpine Stars boots and a full suit (perforated for the summer) love em both.

Good service like that is hard to come by these days.:thumbsup: