Look what arrived from fed ex

no kidding, at $132
I was looking for a new pair. Would've went with Alpinestar again, but starting in 2006, almost everything by them is junk now as a very high price.
Nice looking boots VMAN. Newenough.com rocks. Awsome price. What size are they? Looks like you could do some skiing in those bad boys too! LOL
I dont know if they have any more, these were listed on Ebay.

Size are perfect for a small samoan, they are 14's. I wear a 13 shoe and these fit great. Very comft to walk around in.
Nice........ Now what are you waiting for get out and shred some highway!
I am spending nxet weekend at the Gap and then a trackday at VIR in July.......

I plan on my share of shredding, lol.
I'm going to hit the Kansas Twisties.... Betcha didn't know we had any!
Thats right folks going to practice exiting/entering any highway/road I can find with a curve.
All three of them.
I've been through Kansas, and I think you're bragging at three!
That's okay, you'll get your fill in Eureka Springs- better bring the Dramamine....
a sidi boots no need to breakin...I have a pair, and I'm very happy about it...will buy it again...oh, yes...