AirForce Captian killed in motorcycle crash 6/17/09


Air Captian man killed in motorcycle crash 6/17/09

"We got recalled this morning and everyone was gathered around and got the bad news of one our leaders, Micheal L. Turner, passed away last night in a motorcycle crash. He was a great leader and an awesome friend. He was the type of guy that would light up a room when he came in. Was always full of great stories and jokes. A Mans Man if you will. He has a wife and children that he left behind. He was a role model and set the standards for everyone to follow. His absence will have a serious impact on this squadron and effect of the mission. He will be missed greatly. It's a very very sad say here at work. "

A picture of his bike:

A picture at the scene:


......RIP... condolences to his family and friends.


Lily's Daddy
may your friend rest in peace, and may all his friends and family be able to heal from pain and heartach his passing has caused....godspeed and godbless you captain:please:


My Prayers go out to this fallen rider and his family, friends and flight...May those wings you supported as a soldier carry you swiftly to eternal rest.
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