Aftermarket handlebar poll

Aftermarket handlebar poll - Genmar riser vs helibar

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I'd like to take a poll of Busa riders as to which aftermarket
handlebar they might have installed. Based upon what I've read its the Helibar or Genmar. Granted the Genmar only raises the bars 1.25" with what amounts to a spacer whereas the Helibar option raises by 1.625", .5" rearward, and .5" wider. Thanks

The Genmar risers seem to give a great deal of stress relife on the wrists without comprimise of riding position. Ive been able to endure longer rides.
The are both great products and easily installed.  I have both of
them on my Busa.  Blame it on short arms and big gut, but it
makes the riding position very comfortable for extended periods of
So what's the reasoning behind the bars ??

are you uncomfy after a while, ie:touring ??

Do they turn better ??

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With me it is to get a slightly more upright position for comfort-less pain in the back
and neck.  I have short arms, so even with the raised and pulled back bars I am not that
much more upright than most riders with longer arms. Many people who have ridden the older bikes with the wider bars feel the handling is improved with wider bars.  The modern ideology
says that the narrow bars are better.  So you try both and take the one you like best.  Some questions never get difinitively answered, such as: which contributes more to winning races--horsepower or handling? Of course, being Busa fans, we know the real answer
to that question.
Cheers SuperS. a mate of mine does have them (not sure which ones ) but I'm gonna make sure we do a test ride on each others bikes this spring.

I must say though that , I have done 2-3 400 mile plus runs and 1/2 doz. flyers and in all honesty, not felt the need for bars !!!!

PS:13 st.(182 lb.) and 5" 9"
I'm 5'6 with about a 33-34 inch reach and i ride long distances and do a few bike trips. I just installed the helibars and believe me they make a difference. I also added a sport touring windscreen. let me tell you that makes a major difference -by cutting down the force thats beating your shoulders when you rolling down the road.. I'ld definitely advise that to anyone doing some distance riding on a busa. Now all i need to do is decide between the suzuki gel seat and the corbin seat --- heck maybe even the corbin hard saddle bags for the 3-4 day excursions lolol.

Ride like you got full coverage bike insurance and don't need medical insurance :whip: :whip: :whip:

Hmmmm no votes, looks like no one is using the risers.... Sounds like a perfect opportunity for them to send me a set to test and do a product review on......

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Captain, I would vote but you don't have a line for me to vote on since I have both the
Genmar and Helibars on my bike.  I know a few other Busa riders that have this combo
I'll be installing the Spiegler handlebar kit on mine. I'll let you know how it works out. I love it on my TL.

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I have Heli-Bars AND Reapers bar-risers.

His bar-risers are the absolute best bang for the buck at $25 shipped.

I'm 5'11, and I just like a more upright riding position.

If you can see this, check it out:

If the other alternatives are a bit to high $$ for yah check out these No Frills spacers!
3/4" aluminum handlebar spacers with new longer bolts and nuts. Raise your handlebars and/or lower your front end.

3/4" standard.

3/4" standard kit is $25 SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR in the US.
1/4" and 1" sets are $30 shipped to yah.

Post here or contact me at:
I just received a set of Convertibars for my Busa. Great product and quality CNC machining. They are adjustable and have loads of flexibility for those who tour and track with the same bike. Check them out at
I've been looking at the Converti bars. But damn they are expensive after you ahve to get longer brake lines, etc.

Other than the expense, they look awesome compared to all the other ones I've seen.

I'm 6' tall w/a little shorter arms than some people. At least I think so. Anyway, I just got back from a 300mi trip. My back and my neck started hurting a little. I'd have to say if I got the Heli bars, they would probably be enough.

I think the real problem is the seat for me. My arse was on fire from the trip and the heat coming up the seat. Whoah!!

So my next purchases for comfort will be the Double bubble screen, Heli-bars, Corbin or Gel seat and GSXR foot pegs.
I made my own aluminum risers [4] and bought longer stainless bolts inch and a half great....Reapers are fine..same thing...just gotta make a plug to fill the holes where the fork adjusters stuck out..did that..looks 943 miles over 5 day's..felt great..
Ralph, Got some pics and more how too's you could post or e-mail me? - Kent

I didnt notice em on your bike I shouldah checked it it out...
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