4000 mile Service


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Gentleman (and Ladies) of this fine forum. I have put a lot of miles on the busa this past 6 weeks and my 4,000 mile checkup (service, inspection whatever) is upon me.

What key things should I have the mechanic focus on? Or, is this just an elaborate oil change.....? Should air filter be changed?

Perhaps the chain, brake and clutch cables should be adjusted. The bike runs terrific except the idle.which isn't too bad but defies adjustment.....

It goes below 1000 to 900, I have them adjust it to 1100-1200 and in a few weeks it works its way back down...is this normal?
No big deal, just change the oil and filter (actually may not have to change the filter except every other time but that is up to you). Check bolts, check chain -adjust as necessary, lube everything that moves, adjust fast idle and idle, adjust brake and clutch lever if you need to. Thats about it. Do it yourself and get to know your bike better and feel more a part of it. I am not paying anyone to work on my bike unless I absolutely have to.

As for the idle, from my own experience and from what I have heard this is a common problem and just something that you have to deal with. Just part of "stroking" the Busa as one person put it. I have adjusted mine twice and it always varies a little, and the fast idle just will not hold a position for crap. No big deal, it is easy enough to adjust.
I agree, My busa has 3000 miles on it and I have adjusted the idle twice already. Just one of those things! And I agree nobody is going to work on mine unless it's absoulutely necassary, Cause I'm the one hitting 170+mph on it!!!!!! Kinda makes you check and double check! Good luk
Cheese.....don't mean to sound stupid but...

TPS.....(is this some sort of Temperature Pressure Sensor? What is TPS what does it do?)

As for this constant need for idle adjustment....will one eventually "run out of room" to adjust? An idle screw or nut or whatever can only be turned so much or am I missing something?
I think the idle screw just moves from vibration (you turn it, then it comes loose, you turn it again, etc.). It is not that it keeps backing off and you keep having to turn it further. The screw is nothing more than a low-end stop on the throttle body linkage. Suzuki should have used a nut with a nylon ring to keep the screw from coming loose.

Throttle body sync does not need to be done at 4000 miles does it? I thought the manual says later than that. Can't hurt I suppose. Mine runs fine as it is so I will wait on that as I can't do it myself, especially as I have made no engine/exhaust mods whatsoever as of yet. Not sure what TPS is.
I was thinking of that too...that vibration just causes the screw to rotate back....but are Zuk engineers that bad?

They design this monster with incredible speed and can't get an idle screw correct? Sounds weird....
I think the intention is that it should be Loc-Tite'd after each adjustment. I seem to recall that it had some Loc-Tite on it from the factory. Maybe I am daydreaming. It is Friday. At any rate I do not have any Loc-Tite so maybe that is why it keeps moving.

Oh and if you do use Loc-Tite, please use the correct grade (forget which color) as one is rather permanent and one is for uses like this.