600 mile service


My bike goes in for the 600 mile check-up next week.

I have a TRE on the bike. Is this something I should remove before the service. Do the shops have a problem with the TRE being on the bike.

Let me know.  Thanks

Ride safe :D
Why not do the service yourself? If you have to ask whether you should remove the TRE, then I have to ask, do you really know and trust your dealer?

It's just an oil and filter change.
I think you have to go to the dealers for a service whilst under warrenty or it becomes void - I think !
absolutly not, do it yourself, 15.00 dollars for the filter and 4.00 a quart for 10w40 spectro 4 (need 3.5 qts) 17mm wrench and a red handle oil filter wrench 4.99 at walmart.

the wrench and the oil filter wrench are renewable resources(just wipe clean)

They cant void your warranty unless you mod the bike.

Man it freaks me out to see someone carry there bike to a shop. If you have more money than you can deal with ill post my address and you can send that sh%t to me.