600 mile question


Probley a repost, but i have a new gixxer 600 just hit 600 miles. I really dont want to get the idiot dealer i have to do the 600 mile service. Ive do all my own work and just need to know is all need for the 600serviceis to change oil, check out nuts and bolts, tighten whatever needs tightend?
Thats it, except giving away about $125.00 for shop labor
It should be detailed in the owners manual as well. Go through and torque everything... Change the oil, filter, adjust idle if needed, etc...
kinda what i figured. Check over a few things and change the oil. After the last went to that dealer and they messed my bike up installed the wrong tires billed me wrongly and now my bike needs a paint job from that. I SAY TO
with that dealer and the warrenty.
If it blows i rebuild bigger and badder.
When i took my brother's 06 750 to the dealer for the 600miles service, and i asked them to adjust the chain. I found out later that the bike was out of alignment by looking at the alignment marks on the swingarm, had 4 marks on the left and 5 marks on the right

They forgot to put my seat bolts back in after my 600 mile service. After several nasty emails to them, they sent me a $100 gift card.
Well my first warrenty work was for a gear position sensor and to check out the splitting factory tires. After having to buy a new set of rubber (at 500miles) 2 weeks for the sensor instal (one bolt) having the wrong set of tires put on the bike, and now needs a paint job from scratches, no gas when they got it with a full tank, 10 extra test miles??? for what..