3 photos of my Busa


Took the Busa out for a spin this morning (5 hours, 200 miles) and snapped a couple of pics as well. Played with them a bit. Hmmm, too weird?

Oh, and what a great morning ride it was! Beautiful autumn weather and no need to hurry anywhere. Just me and my Busa. What a great way to start the day. Oh yeah!  :D

Maybe the frame is a bit too much...

I can do the same with Microsoft Picture It photo publishing...I love the ones that look like paintings...I've used them with pics of the kids...fooled many relatives with my "original" artwork!

Nice... :D
Woah, If you pay close attention and dont get distracted you can see trees in the back..... :eek: :tounge: ;) :blush: :laugh:
Awesome. I too have "borrowed" one of your fine photos as my new wallpaper for my PC. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Obviously most of use cannot just go out for a ride in the Finnish countryside but now we can imagine it!