I finally saw my first Busa...


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You know how it is when you buy a car, and all of a sudden you see the car EVERYWHERE?  Once I bought my Busa, I thought it would be the same.  Well it hasn't.  I finally saw a Busa on the road!

So I'm riding home from work, and I pull up at the stop light, and there's 5 guys on cycles waiting to turn left (Kildaire & Tryon).  I look at the first two guys (one riding a 600 the other a 750).  Give 'em the thumbs-up.

The next guy is riding a 600.  Give him the friendly wave.
Rider number 4 is riding a 750 (I believe).  Give him a friendly wave.

I'm looking at the last guy's ride, and since he's behind rider #4, I'm having a tough time figuring out what he's got.

Hmmm.  The gas tank looks familiar.  He's sitting a bit lower.  And what do we see at the back?  GSX1300R.  It's a Busa baby!

We give each other the "Oh yeah, I'm riding the best bike out there!" nod.  The light turns green and they all pull away.  Very cool.

--A satisfied Busa owner (3 weeks and counting)
Juggler: I figured the same thing, but for some strange reason Busas seem to be rare in my area. I know there are guys not far away from me that have them, but I never see any around. Mostly V-twin cruisers around my neighborhood.

I know there's another 'Busa just a few blocks away from me but every time I see him I'm either in my truck going the opposite way, or on a divided road and we pass each other in opposite directions so I can't hang a huey and catch him.
Man that's weird, I've passed three in my area now, and I'm in B.C.
One SE
two black/grey
and one pink/silver
still on the lookout.