2013 Rear Brake ABS Recall


Just an FYI, for anyone else with a 2013 Busa. Just got a call from my dealer, to bring my bike in for above mentioned maintenance. The dealer was trying to register the warranty on my Busa and they wouldn't do it until this maintenance was performed, but apparently this recall has not been released, so they didn't know. He over-nighted the parts in and I'm taking it in tomorrow. Said the unit cost was $1126, so, it seems like a fairly major fix. My dealer seemed quite surprised and worried about it, so I just wanted to let everyone know, just in case this is as unknown as it seems. I sure wouldn't want to have to pay for this, or have it fail. :O
I have the 2013 LE, I had my ABS replace back around July or Aug, Apparently during the installation of the ABS on Hayabusa's that was going to be ship to Canada, a piece of the ABS module broke off and malfunction, so the recall was going to be only those Busa's that were going to Canada, but Suzuki change and recall all 2013 models. Dealers couldn't sell any Hayabusa's until the ABS module was replaced. Before the recall, I haven't heard or read anything about riders having problems before the recalled and or having any problems with ABS at all..
I just bought my 2013 last weekend. Is there a way to check if i have the updated parts already installed? Is there a specific build date range mentioned in the recall?
To the first post, your dealer is smoking something, the recall was started in August.

All sales of the Busa's where halted earlier this year for the recall.
I'm stunned that a dealership ignored the "halt all sales" order from Suzuki and knowingly sold a unit that didn't have the recall done. Then, they pretended to not know anything about it until Suzuki caught them by refused to register the warranty until they did the ABS recall.
My dealer says it was not a replacement of the unit, it was an inspect and replace if needed. Mine was done before I bought it on Labor day weekend. Yellow SE.