Busa Recall, sales halted!


I just purchased a 2013 Limited Busa. While on my way to pick it up last Friday, the dealership, Rick Roush, in Medina, Ohio, called and advised that Suzuki had placed a hold on my bike due to a recall on the ABS modulator. They haven't a clue as to when the issue will be resolved. It's a bummer to own a bike and not be able to ride it! The dealership has been great to work with and are only looking out for my safety. So, if you're looking to buy a 2013 Busa, you might want to wait until the recall is resolved..
Been riding my new 2013 for about 2 weeks now. Guess I'd better check in with the dealer to what's what. :eek3:

Thanks for the heads-up.

Google the recall. It states that the ABS may malfunction causing the brakes to lock up. We all know that's "Not Good"! Ride safe.
Well it seems that Suzuki can not reply to this recall as of yet!

A date of when the parts will be available, at least would be nice!

Oh wait it's not a recall as of yet, it's just a sales halt!
:deadhorse:So spoke to the mothership Suzuki...Very nice and apologetic but not by VIN or Production date will any of the Busas leave the showroom. Good news is if you call , they will record the VIN# and co-responding dealer and issue a priority next day on the ABS Unit. They should arrive this week for distribution. I cant stomach the idea of driving the green 14 machine and let the good times roll SO I WILL BE PATIENT!
Call this #714-572-1490 as the 800 hooks you up with party hotline:beerchug: