GSXR recall


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Taken from Gixxer .com
Just got this in, thought you guys might be interested....

All new or Used 2004* thru 2013 GSXR models
1000 2005-2013
750 2004-2013
600 2004-2013

Suzuki Motor Corporation has instituted a safety recall campaign to replace the front brake master cylinder. The brake
piston inside the front brake master cylinder of some motorcycles may not have received adequate surface treatment to
prevent corrosion. Corrosion of the brake piston generates gas, which may not be adequately purged from the master
cylinder due to the side position location of the reservoir return port. To ensure customer safety and satisfaction, dealers
will replace the front brake master cylinder and brake fluid.
Technical Service Bulletin:
Servicing information regarding this safety recall will be available in a Technical Service Bulletin the week of
October 28, 2013.
Parts Availability:
Dealers will be able to order the necessary parts to perform this recall campaign beginning approximately the week of
November 4, 2013. Adequate supplies of parts will be available at that time to ensure your ability to service all your
affected units. Your dealership may immediately resume retail sales once the recall campaign is completed.