1st post in awhile


okay the most important thing i nd 2 know is how to do a good enough paint job by myself using a paint gun r spray can paint....possible with spray can paint? k can someone explain to me the process of preping the plastics for paint and how to do it...like under coat clear coat primer etc.....how do they go..basic coat blahblahblah ohh and also sand paper..from which grit to which grit should i go final grit....paint will prob be solid color no flakes casue i heard they r a pain in the ass for the paint gun. im thinking of a porsche yellow busa r nice black..plz help

2nd thing is about the airbox mod how do i do the airbox mod and how much hp does it give me...right now im putting in a k&n airfilter and wanting to increase the airbox 4 more airflow...do i nd remapping of the fuel injection system?? currently have stock mufflers but have benn hallowed out with stock hayabusa pc II map

lastly how do i polish my rims frame etc??

sorry for all the questions but i want 2 know


Welcome back. Narcissus will be able to tell you all about painting. And there are plenty of others to tell you about the other mods you want to do. Is this the same Busa the you wrecked a while back? I thought you got it fixed.


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Hmmm... I ought to just make a tutorial.

The short answer, yes, you can do a professional job yourself. It will run around $200-250 for epoxy primer, base colors, polyurethane clear, catalyst, reducers and pearl flake. Then you will need a good paint gun ($150-450), Air compressor (~$200-300), air regulator and filter (~$100). Various other equipment, paint suit, filter mask, booth, filters, connectors, masking etc. which you can source/build for another $100-200.

This is doing it right for a show-quality finish that will be even more durable than even the OEM paint. It is also a lot of work wet sanding and polishing the final product (I am still not completely finished doing mine).

It does cost a lot, especially for doing just one bike, but it is rewarding and with the experience, you can always advertise at bike events, boards, etc. and paint other bikes/cars to get a little cash flow to pay back the equipment costs (I have not bothered doing this myself, yet).

Now, if you don't want to go through the bother and just want a quick job, you can use spray cans and get a decent job, but generally, the finish will not last very long and you will be re-spraying every few months.

Right now I am getting ready for a trip tomorrow. So, let me know what kind of finish you want (basic refinish or a final show finish) and what the current shape of your bike is (any rash that needs repair, already re-painted, etc.). I will post more info tomorrow night to further answer your questions.


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Oh, one other point, flakes are not at all a problem. Use 1-2 T. per mixed quart of clear coat and add more reducer. A jar of dry pearl flake runs like $15, with enough to do several cars. The trick is laying the right amount of layers so that all panels match, which is more an issue of how good your booth lighting is to match and compare pieces.


yea i did fix my bike awhile back but i burnt my clutch so its kind of apart now but will be back and running by next week...anyways for the paint i guess all go for the pro job..and yea my plastics r in bad condition but ill try my best 2 bring them 2 new...
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