Yo Rev...


Call me Daddy...
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You gonna give us that synthetic oil thread you owe us or am I gonna have to send Fabio down on his busa to kick your ass? :super:

oohhhh... so some real brain cells behind this one..... sorry, I was LMAO earlier when I saw dat.

when I went to Mobile1 full synth, I noticed FIRST.... idle a bit higher...

hmm. wtf does that tell you?

oh, and better clutch precision, and smoother shifting.

can't say enough good about going 'synth', except you must make sure you have broken the engine in properly........... of course, some will say they hit it hard after 100 miles on the clock.

OK OK, It's coming.

I had a busy day of golf, riding the Bike, and eating dinner to take care of. :laugh:

I'll get working on it right now.