A BIG thank you to Revlis!


oRg Gal
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I'm in Tampa for work (I can think of worse places!)...Rev and his wife have been wonderful, showing me some sights and allowing me to drink all of their bottled water...you two are great!

Rev took me for a spin on his SE...in case you guys didn't know, it might be a bit faster than others, even with a new rear tire :D

And thanks to Raider for letting me try out a Corbin pillion seat...very comfy! I had a great time meeting up with you guys...sorry I wasn't the best pillion...it's hard to give up control when you ride your own Busa, you know?! :D

THANKS again Revlis...I'll catch up with you before I head back to Virginia!
Aw shucks ma'am. Tawarent nuthin'. It was fun meeting you.
You aren't as bad a pillion as ya think.
Y'all come back now, y'ear?

Yeah VA, What Raider said, you really weren't a bad passenger, I just felt bad putting you back there. Felt sorta guilty for your nerves... Still I gotta say you have a whole lotta guts girl. No way in hell you would catch me riding pillion on a bike... To darn spooky not being in control.

Was a damn good time though, even if you all Kept me up till freaking all hours... :D

I'm still paying for that late night! Everyone here at the conference keeps wondering where Michelle is when they're heading out to the bars...she's too damn tired! :D

Great time though...

And you guys are very bad liars...I could tell I wasn't one of the good passengers! But, damn, what a rush! :) Not enough of a rush to make pillion riding a regular thing though...I really miss my Busa!