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Lots of eye candy here... hmmmmmm...

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I went through the gallery the other day, the entire gallery. Yes, I was pretty bored. There is a lot of pics of that chrome Busa, but not many of her.
WOW <-yes i can say wow, what so hard about it? :p

ack! chrome is nice in some places but allover is just too much.
Yep I agree gentlemen. Too much of everything on that busie!
I found a chrome shop in NJ that has some cool stuff and will chrome everything & polish frame for $2500.

Chrome NJ

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Yep the BUSA is a "canvas"..blank sheet..amazing things being done with the awsome BUSA..just love it. Someday mine will morph into something else i hope..But still has the heart of a very wild animal.....perfect.