Wondering about Ninja Eater....

so very true... best part is i met him this summer and him and i have talked when we saw each other at our local bike night. we got to know each other pretty well, except i have never asked how old he is.... i think he is like 80. haha so u could prob beat him because of natural causes.. its funny when he talks abt getting pulled over.. all the cops are yellin YOUNG MAN, DO YOU KNOW HOW FAST U WERE GOING. until he takes his helmit off. lol. and they usualy let him go under writing the ticket or letting him off. maybe itll work for me someday...


Little grey hair helps every time.. :D
Hi N.E.  So cool you have 310 on tap as much as you want too..I know you paid a high price before you got it "dialed in"  ..now 332 for  short burst's....do you have cyl studs..hd? stock rod's?   Luv you man....sincerly Pace...i weigh 150 soaking wet...and my stock...sort of...
punched out stock muff's air box mod---no flapper..even at 5000' elevation and half tank of gas
stock gearing still lofts the front wheel at will---gotta love it... :D

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Rods are stock, spacer yes, and new heavy bolts when I put a new engine on while back. I won't run 332hp very often. i am happy running 300hp on average 310hp on street race day. Little more if anyone looks like they may be a problem.