will Micron slip on's fit?


Hey guys...I just got my 2013 Busa and I have been off the road for a few years. While I was "off" UNFORTUNATELY" Micron went out of business. I was always a big fand and their full systems on everything from older GSXR (1127) ti my last bike which was an R1 (I know I bought a Yamaha) But I loved it while I had it! Anyway I am getting the R77 slip on's as part of the Suzuki deal for buying a 2013 but I am really a BIG fan of the performance and the sound of a Micron...period! Has anyone tried to put a Micron slip on sustem or a full system on a Gen2 Hayabusa? I am not a great fabricator or anything I can do th basics...I don't want to try and find a set of slip on's only to find out they won't fit or have a clearence issue somewhere. ANY info or pics would be appreciated. I hate how quiet my new baby is and I have to take care of that!


as far as ive read if they have the midpipes with them they should fit. seems the head comes out at the same spot. or i think u can do a gen one header. im sure others might know for sure
yeah I was actually just thinking of doing slip on's...I am surprised I haven't gotten more replies yet. I will wait and see what the guys have to say!
If the Micron muffler(s) has fixed muffler mount bolt holes in it, the muffler mount bolt hole location will not line up with the other gen's passenger peg. Gen 1 to 2, or 2 to 1, doesn't matter. The midpipe can be modified, or a 3"(roughly)bracket can be made to bridge the gap between the passenger peg(s) and muffler(s).
This will be the same with slipons or most any full exhaust with a muffler that mounts to the passenger peg. Modifications can be made to make either work.
If the muffler(s) have a sliding muffler hanger on the muffler itself, then you can simply slide it up or down to attach to the passenger peg.
Makes it a lot easier to put one gen's exhaust to the other, but is not always the only change needed.
If you get bolt-on mufflers(aftermarket mufflers that use the stock midpipes), one gen will swap to the other, only the stock midpipe bolt pattern is the mirror of itself between the gens. So the mufflers must switch sides, meaning that gen1 muffler brand badging/sticker will now be on the inside of the muffler(s) when put on a gen2.
There are differences in diameters of where the headers meet the midpipe(s), depends on which exhaust, and I am unsure of and if there is a diameter difference there between the gen1 and 2 stock. 2" and 2.25" would be the two sizes.
Some exhausts, header or midpipe(s), may contact the inner fairings between the gen1 and 2.
I do not have any personal experience with Micron exhaust on the gen1 or 2.
So I cannot say of which or any of the above situations you may have with them.
Basic fabrication skills can make them fit correctly with a little effort.
Micron did make some gen2 exhaust also.
The Micron mufflers in this Youtube link are gen2, and only slipons.

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