Wife loved the busa


My wife rides a Gixxer 600M, and I've been wanting to see what that thing is like in our local twisties that we ride (she hardly taxes it, a bit of a chicken
), so we switched for a few miles. I trusted her on the Busa 'cause I don't think she's been above 12k on her gixxer yet...and she was right behind me the whole way.

Busa - She loved it. It took her a few minutes to be able to explain the feeling, and it was funny 'cause I think anyone who has ridden one has been there after the first ride. She was amazed at how good it handled. She was expecting a heavy bike, and was shocked to find it cornered with ease (these were slower speeds than we normally ride through there). She actually said if someone gave her a busa, she'd keep it!

Gixxer - It's only a 600, so needless to say it felt way down on power, especially in the lower range. It is a nice bike for sure. It turns in very easy, but at higher speeds, especially sweepers, you really have to work to keep it down compared to the busa, which once you push over, just kind of stays. I think with the lighter weight bike, the rider has to work harder to overcome the gyroscopic force of the wheels.

I could see that it would really shine in a TIGHT course, where there were a lot of switchbacks, and sudden turn ins, but I felt like I was actually working harder on the gixxer than the busa.

It's also quite skittish, and a little rougher all around, which would probably excel on a relatively smooth track, but for common roads, some rough pavement mid corner left me a little white knuckled. :o

Anyway, I know everyone knows they are completely different bikes, but I thought I would share.
I think its awsome that your wife liked the busa. After the first ride there is this feeling you just can't describe. After my first ride on a busa I got back on my bike (a little 250 ninja)and I cried all the way home. Needless to say the rest of the summer wasn't alot of fun unless I was riding my friends busa. Here is the funny part, He sure wasn't going to ride the 250 so he would cruz on the back of the busa!! (what a cute little #####)hee hee hee
LOL Busa Girl!!! that is too funny!!! i have a few male friends who will let me give them a ride, but for the most part guys refuse to ride B#$%#.... what year, color BUSA do you have??

welcome to the club girl.........

To answer your question Lo...
I have a 2002 grey/silver busa. Just hit 1200 miles yesterday!! I took some pics. I just need to get them loaded,it will be soon.
Well I must say tha it is a diferent experience to ride a Busa
I have a GoldWing and a Honda V45 Magna but since I have the busa my other two bike just sitting there waiting to takem for a ride I thought that I would switch back and fort but i can't put my Busa a way even just for one ride I live in Canada on the shore of lake Superior and a ride along the shore is wonderful not much strait strach over the 800 km section Enjoy the summer and have fun
Hey Busagirl What are you ruuning your computer at? does it really take this long to download a photo. I would get a new comp if I was you. I'm beginning to think you don't own a busa, you just wish you did.