Who are u?


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Well still not too many responses on that sex bit.... oh well Where is you all from???? and real names ....
Go to : "YOUR PROFILE" and fill in more stuff plz some of you guys are posting questions.... and it would be easier to reply if we knew where you are at. Like where best tire prices are ... oil ... different stores in diff parts of the country. Rides in the area ... how to hook up with each other... blah blah blah. Oh and while were at it, again... try and be a little creative with those pics, we all know what a stock busa looks like. So lets have you and the mrs or girlfriend in there too - or maybe both... hmmmm whatever works. thank you
Hey Kent I hope all my info is good to go! You sound like your going to get mad if its not.
Talk to you tonight in chat.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
STILL ALOT OF PICS THAT NEEDS TO GO ON THE RIDERS MAP ALSO. come on fill out the info. we need to send it off to the F.B.I. for security clearance.

My wife said NO CHICKS on the busa! Even though I tried to explain its just for you guys... why do you think she only lets me cruise around with solo seat?
Interesting questions.

Topic: Who are u?, & where from?

I ask myself these very same questions each day.

MsSexy your just toying with us arent you.... hmmmm maybe your really a guy. Better post a pic of you on your bike so we know the truth.
HEHE good one mssexy I got that you two where a couple after the taxes thing do you have abusa and he is waiting on his or are you waiting on one together Do you have a bike now where are you from I am from Maine ... OK now for hawaii I cant believe she wont let you put another woman on your bike hehe yah right !!! My girlfriend wouldnt be happy either she might though if she where there shes not the jealous type maybe a pic of my girlfriend in a bikini on my bike ????? better than me in a bikini on my bike LOL
Good deduction there watson hehe...yes we are together, married actually...shh dont tell.

We live in Bakersfield, good ol bakersfield. We were going to get a Busa this summer, but now with this whole IRS thing, we will have to wait to find out what happens with that. I want my own bike, I would love to have a busa, but not sure I can handle it, I can barely reach the ground while standing with it. I would love to have the new GSXR1000. That I can handle. I have been riding off and on since I was 18. My ex always had bikes, but he didnt want me riding it, being a girl and all. Hopefully come fall we will have at least one bike in the house again. Even if that means I have to ride bitch again.
I can't tell you too much abut myself, FBI, CIA and MI5 would like to know as well. I'm Pete liv in ENGLAND, somewhere near LONDON....That all for now folks!
My name is Josh, I live in Ft. Worth Texas and its hotter than hell! Im starting to think that hell was designed after texas then cooled off by about twenty degrees.

there are a lot of places to ride, just pic what kind of riddin you want to do and I can almost bet ya that there is place for that type with in three hours of my front door. Cannyon carving, straight and narrow, twisties from hell (but not quite deals gap) you name it, its around hear somewhere.

You got to love it!! (except for the heat of course)