Hi Guys ,

I have been checking both turbo systems mrturbo delivers 235hp & hahn delivers 307.9hp. the Hahn delivers more power and it is cheaper !!! I need some input so that I can decide.

I will not be racing all the time so my bike need to be a street bike .



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Figures for stock kits are both wrong.

Mr. Turbo could get you about 220hp
Hahn will get you 24-26hp stock kit.

307hp on a hahn is a lot more work, you cna get that kind of Hp from both kits with about 2 rides.

You need to ask yourself what you want to do. Race, street, drag, 9/10's. read lots of poist and info on the boards.

If you really want to HP you cn pay more for a MC express etc.

My Hahn has lots of expensive mods and is not a kit anymore.


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Not speaking from experience merely what I see everyone posting. I'd have to say Hahn's turbo! At least its the one everyone seems to have or talk about. Ask Ninja Eater or Doc Busa.
Well I would like to point out that I know nothing about Turbos or engine stuff, I just like to ride and go very fast at times.

I just need more power so that once in a while I can race some stock Hayabusa guys on the road ; 250hp to 300hp is more than enough for me.

I do not want to do anything on the engine side I want a straight installation kit to meet my humble requirement.

Thanks and any feedback is appreciated.


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Compare all the parts. the other top of the line Turbos like Velocity & Anderson etc. cost more but have more add ons. Even the buildrs will tell you that a Hahn for basic riding is very good. Again remember it is the tunning that is a major factor also.
my hahn is super stealthy........check out my photo. Everything hides behind the stock body work. I even have the ram air screens in and I also use the small underfairing. I am getting 258 horsepower on 7.5 lbs of boost and it is very dependable and rides as smooth as stock and I am getting a little over 38 mpg...................you can't get better than that...................

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