Wheels - Gen II on a Gen I


How do all

Sorry if this has been asked before I have tried searching to no avail

I have gotten a set of Gen II wheels for virtually no money and was wondering if they would fit my Gen I and is there anything I need to modify/do to get this sorted

Many thanks in advance

Spacers on the rear need to be changed and I'm PRETTY sure the forks won't fit the new rims
Here ya go. Look closely.




Hey Tim, you still have those pics of my bike.
I wanted the black forks so I replaced the lower triple clamp, steering stabilizer, forks, brake calipers, brake disks, fender, rim and axle on my Gen I. The rear wheel is still stock.
Cheers for the responses guys appreciated -

Pashnit your bike is a cracker loving the stealth look

Ive so far managed to get 2 2008 wheels - bottom yoke for gen2 - set of discs and all the rear plastics - will need a set of radial forks - radial calipers calipers and spacers to be going on with

and here was me thinking - Im not going to mess about with this one :whistle::whistle: