Wheel Balancer ??????

Tejas Busa

Hi all, hey getting ready to buy another tire first for the busa but have had some sort of bike for many years and have bought many a tires... Question is since the busa seems to eat tires quite quickly and I can ride year round and will at the very least be buying two or three tires a year, whats your thoughts on changing and balancing them myself? What's your thoughts on balancers? Here is a link at the one I'm looking at.... http://www.marcparnes.com/Suzuki_Motorcycle_Wheel_Balancer.htm  I have changed tires in the past out of the need of necessity but none on my VTX 1800 and now on my busa because of the torque and power factor of said bikes... i.e. safety and performance..
Any thoughts or comments will be greatly appriciated...

Thanks in Advance
Tejas Busa
You don't need anything fancy, as long as it has some nice bearings and rolls smooth. The one Churchkey linked to looks very similar to the one the use at the track, and that's for road racing bikes.

There are quite a few members that do their own tires, so be patient and I'm sure they'll chime in pretty soon
If you enjoy "BreakDanc'in" with 190 tire on your garage floor......Go For It!

If I buy a tire from a shop.......They Mount&Balance it or I don't buy from them!
I change them my self with a car tire machine at work. No balance. I was worried about no weight but it was fine. Had it to 182 and no shimmy or shack.
You can buy a harbor freight tire changer with motorcycle attachment (dirt cheap on sale) along with some tire irons and a balancer for about $150.00. One time investment that will pay for itself the first time you use it.
First tire change might take a while but once you do one you'll be swapping them in 15 minutes.

All the dealers are happy to change your tires for free as long as you're willing to pay twice as much for them. As an added bonus you get a half ass balance job and scratched wheels.

Here's a nice high quality balancer I recently bought:


The guy that makes them sells them on ebay. Less than $80 bucks delivered to your front door.
Thanks ya~all.......... that was my point, you can get a decent price and tire off the internet but then when you have them installed, there goes any savings..... Again thanks for all the graet and informative input and comments.......