What's the going ra?e on 4k service at a dealer?

What should need to be done at 4000 nothing I think. Valves should be good for at least 6ooo miles. Can't think of anything that you should need at 4000 mi if you had the break in service done at the first thousand.........You could sync the injectors but that should do it.........
4,000 miles, change oil and filter, check tire psi, inspect and tighten bolts, check, clean, lube & adjust chain. Wash and wax, fill up the gas tank, and go for a ride! If I remember correctly valve adj is at 16,000 miles? I know its not at 4,000 miles like the Connie I had.
According to the book: Inspect--air cleaner,spark plugs,fuel line,idle speed, throttle cable play, engine coolant,raditor hose,clutch hose,drive chain,brakes, brake hoses, brake fluid,tires, and tighten chasis bolts.

Oh and of course change you oil at 4000.. if you change it every3500miles... I'm more the every 2800-3000 miles kinda guy