4K service complete---after pics

The odometer hit 3900 this week so I figured it was time to do the 4k service. I love this place, had to check back in several times for a little help:bowdown:. Picked up the pair of Pitbull stands yesterday to ease the service. Also added the red wheel stripes to match my kanji. Does anyone know where I can get a red stripe to cover up the grey one on the tank. After about 5 hours in the garage it's finally done.:cheerleader::lol::cheerleader:






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Wait-a-minute.....did you happen to ????......no...wait....just-a-minute....no you sure didn't....didn't someone explain that to you ????......Ummmm....well...it "is" your first 4,000 mile service and all...but I can't imagine you not doing it......how could you have missed it is all I'm asking ????......

Better send that over to me and I'll get it fixed up for ya in no time.... :oldcool:


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Bike looks cool on those stands:thumbsup::thumbsup:

On the Pit Bull website, they say the front uses a #6 pin and fender needs removal? Am I missing something, or is their website jacked?
The #6 pin is correct but the fit is very snug. The paperwork that came with the stand from Pit Bull stated that it would be a close fit, the bike listed right below the busa (B-King) is the one that the front fender must be removed. Love the stands, finally got to clean 4k miles worth of crap of of my black wheels, they looked almost dirty white.:lol:
Can anyone see anything wrong with the bike? Spudley's got me checking all over it due to his comments. I'm doing an all day ride tomorrow and don't want to leave with any problems. I'm pretty mechanically sound, followed the service manual to a T, just my first rodeo on the busa. Any help is appreciated.

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