whatcha think so far


Here are a few pics of my bird. Give me your opinion.

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Iv'e got an "03 in the same color, and I've been debating the cans over the full exhaust for weeks.

Now I have a pic if what the cans will look like.... I'm still leaning towards the full exhaust, but the twins look cool... I'll keep ya posted.
After taking a closer look.  I finally spotted the best mod.
I have the same thing in my garage, cept I got two little chairs, and a lil table, so I can sit read, drink, smoke and look at the bike. I also bought a cheap garge stool on wheels sits about a foot high with a tray under it, I use it for cleaning the bike, puts you at the right height for everything real helpfull.

I even move the bike around sometimes so I can get different angels...
nice bike.. . and as fine-a-lookin' trash can as I've seen anywhere in the background there.
Are the wheels dipped or polished? I just put my deposit down on a silver'grey '03 and can't wait to get started trickin' 'er out.