What is your profession ?


I was going to work on a career as a bike mechanic once...a good friend of mine owns a motorcycle dealership and was originally a mechanic (and is a Suzuki nut himself).

He told me I like riding bikes too much to become a mechanic. I'd always want to be riding instead of working on bikes-he was/is correct.

I generally do my own wrenching when and where I can. When I run into an issue I am not comfortable fixing, it's good to know guys like Kiwi are around.


That is literally like the age old scenario where you take over an older IT firms network and need server access and have to hound everyone and their mother for the passwords lol.

The public folders is almost always a permissions issue and when its a third party handling it I guess it could actually be more of a pain. Microsoft is the worst when it comes to support...They always have been that way.

Your right though uptime is def increased in the hybrid and hosted networks because of the multiple forms of redundancy. Its crazy to think that at one point "the cloud" didnt exist and all there was as you said were VPN's whether it be ipsec or SSL. If you had no internal network access, you had no shared files or folders.

I was using barracuda boxes for mail filtering back in the day and the rules for mail flow were so cryptic so I cant even imagine the file sharing. I guess it calls for patience more than anything.

Clearly you know your stuff and like what you do.
Amen...Micro is a PITA! Worst Ive seen is in DoD deployments. VDI cuts down a lot of this drama believe it or not. Way too much to get into but it does. Make sure to lok at the new tech out now like Rubrik, Pivot3, host of new architectures now that help a lot of these issues.


Love I.T.!!!

SAN engineer
Server engineer
Vmware engineer

VP at this point so I get to manage 3 data centers and all the little pukes that go along with it.
Shade...if you want info on how to save money in thise DC's and make the work easier to manage etc let me know. Alot of cool product out now, from HCI to HPC and DR. Let me know if you want info


I’ve had a few jobs.....

Personal Trainer (ISSA)

Now I work in a mill. Nothing glamorous but the pay, benefits, and health care are really good. Easy work but long hours. Not my dream job but can’t find anything remotely close to it financially for the area I’m in. I’ll keep punching the clock till something better comes along or I save enough to do something motorcycle or fitness related on my own


Chemical Process Operator, make Formaldehyde Resin in resin reactors (pressure vessels with agitator, heating and cooling coils inside) We have 2 Formaldehyde plants running 24/7 and 3 reactors 1@5.5t 1 @7.5t and 14t capacities. Been there almost 20yrs(:crazy:) i have good super and health benefits and still have time 1/2 and double time (:thumbsup:).
Used to be called ICI chemicals then Orica then Momentive , now Hexion and its US owned...

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