What is your profession ?


Dis in my way!
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I am a precision button pusher. Well, I push a sequence of buttons in an Airbus, and it ends up in the right city! Well, in all honesty I make the first officer do all the work!
Been at current airline for 18 years. Worked at a few others before this too, flying Boeing 737s. Due to 911, I was furloughed and flew a BBJ (private 737) for an individual all around the world for 9 months...livin like a rock star for sure!
Good days are fantastic. Bad days are some of the worst you can imagine! As they say, "Flying is 99% pure boredom followed by 1% pure terror! Lol
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Not the type of pilot that wants to get his knee down for sure...


The grease on the fifth wheel made me laugh. I used to love replacing the grease on them. Something strangely satisfying about scraping grease off with a scraper..
Haha yea I was angry that day, we used to have blue fifth wheel grease and somehow we wound up with red that week so I took the pic to yell at someone. Blue fifth wheel grease is my signature.


I grew up doing framing, residential construction....still do

but 6 yrs ago, started doing background on movies/TV shows...stranger things, Ozark..like hunger game, And moved onto acting in some indie films and plays...and got a line on The Walking Dead TV show, as "Neil" playing a blacksmith...jyat acouple words... But it's a start ☺


Neil working at hilltop

The dead - Jesus, and King Ezekiel walk by

Manhunt TV show...just a Pic as uni bomber suspect lol

Doing a play as a kkk member, Moores Ford Bridge lynching

Mine 9, indie film about coal miners

Me as Blacksmith at hilltop, made makeshift jail for Negan's captured "Saviors"

Johnnie Phatt

Mojo. That is tres kool. I do some work shooting stills for some small indie stuff around west GTA. There is a lot of hurry up and wait it seems. Nothing on the scale you are doing but fun for me
Break a leg


That is literally like the age old scenario where you take over an older IT firms network and need server access and have to hound everyone and their mother for the passwords lol.

The public folders is almost always a permissions issue and when its a third party handling it I guess it could actually be more of a pain. Microsoft is the worst when it comes to support...They always have been that way.

Your right though uptime is def increased in the hybrid and hosted networks because of the multiple forms of redundancy. Its crazy to think that at one point "the cloud" didnt exist and all there was as you said were VPN's whether it be ipsec or SSL. If you had no internal network access, you had no shared files or folders.

I was using barracuda boxes for mail filtering back in the day and the rules for mail flow were so cryptic so I cant even imagine the file sharing. I guess it calls for patience more than anything.

Clearly you know your stuff and like what you do.

Love I.T.!!!

SAN engineer
Server engineer
Vmware engineer

VP at this point so I get to manage 3 data centers and all the little pukes that go along with it.


Yeah, they are cool machines.
I'm still trying to learn more about programming than just using them.
I use the Tesa daily, and have become pretty familiar with it.
The CMM I can just run a couple programs and watch it run. Just watching it calibrate itself against the ball and change tips is really interesting to me too. Amazing what technology can do.
I'm fortunate to work with Alot of people wayyy smarter than I am...I even learn something once in a while, lol.

It is pretty cool to just watch it run. I had an engineer in the lab just a week ago and he exclaimed, "It's really fun to just watch that thing go and collect all the data. I bet it doesn't impress you anymore though, does it?" I told him these days I'm so busy with all the other activities, that once it's running a program (measurement routine) I only notice when it stops beeping. When things get quiet, I get concerned. LOL

It's been tough to find another programmer. There are few who can operate, let alone program. I asked one of the Hexagon reps where all the programmers are and he said they're too valuable to be on the market. Their employers pay them well and kiss their bums. Else they'll leave them hanging and get paid well elsewhere - with a nice warm bum kissing.

My employers are going to poop themselves when I leave later this year. My wife and I both work about 35 miles from home and only one town apart. My 4 year old goes to private preschool near work. She's switching to public kindergarten in 2019 and my wife is due with our second daughter (yes I'm old, but she's 13 years younger so we're still making kids!) in May. We'll have two kids in daycare and school near home, so one of us is moving closer to be nearby in emergency. Wife made 25% more than I did last year - she's in sales - so guess who's switching jobs? I'm happy to take an entry level inspection job at a small machine shop near home. As long as I'm close to the kids.


My oldest will be 16 in May. And my kids have 30+ cousins. I have a little familiarity with the teen years. I'm planning on a building a three stall detached garage/shed for my sanity. I mean that in all seriousness. It's coming. Hope to build it next year.

My oldest is great, but he still has the sullen disconnected attitude showing a little. He has no interest in motor sports. he'd rather blow up the virtual universe from his room. He needs to find his own inner man, and I get that. But I also need to find my own inner classic bike resto-man.


Auto mechanic by trade as well as oil field work. Been a stay at home dad of a special needs child for the last 6 years. Most fulfilling job ever. My step son is the most amazing kid ever. Meets all his challenges head on and doesn’t let that stop him. Improvise adapt and overcome. That’s him


Lol ! Is that all ya can say about your old mate Kiwi?
How about that Busa I'm working on . . . 36K service, easy peasy :rolleyes:

Best job I've ever had, bikes, bikes, and more bikes!
Oh yea there is that too lol sorry I just got so excited about the hat!

I must say that the one thing I really enjoy every day is working on my bike a little bit and also the time I spend on this forum talking to fellow Busa fans and well I’ll say it, our Busa family.

So yes Kiwi’s job is probably the job we all love doing here even though it’s not our primary job. KUDOS to you Kiwi!!

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