What is your profession ?


I find it interesting what other people do for a living. One show watched back when I had a TV was dirty jobs with Mike Rowe.
21 years as a fire alarm tech so far.
Different place everyday, new people, and work alone 95% of the time. Drive about 40 to 55 k a year around Houston Texas. Let's see what you guys do. Random pictures of my work.
1st photo before / 2nd after /3rd a lightning strike took out this module creating a short on the SLC line. Work in some unique, and dangerous locations. Find water damaged smoke heads in hotels.









Locomotive electrician at night for a major railroad of which I can’t say because corporate BS. Busa fabricator, builder, tuner by day.
Wow Rob . I just watched a show on Locomotives 3 weeks ago on a out of town job while in the hotel .
Those things are incredible . Dynamic braking , and the life of the motors . Never new about the sensor wires on the tracks
I work at a college. My main task is to make class materials accessible to students with disabilities. It sounds a little generic but I each student has unique needs so I might have to do two or three different things with one text to meet everyone's needs. I spend a lot of time behind a computer screen but it pays the bills and keeps me out of trouble, for the most part.
I started my life as a Cisco certified networking associate (CCNA) moving in to get my CCNP (Networking Professional) I used to install large scale networks in corporate buildings.
I got bored and started a Managed Services business (Handles phone,internet,cctv and access control) until the recession and companies cut back.
Got into the Automotive diagnostics field and after 3 years as a diagnostician I was offered a job as an Operations Manager at a large scale fleet maintenance and repair facility. I now am Director of Operations and I oversee the Operations of 3 shops across the island.
We handle large fleets such as Long Island Rail Road, and Lufthansa Service Group Sky Chefs (yes their parent company is Lufthansa). They cater to many of the large airlines.
Lots of stress at my job lol. The oRg is my sanity!




I've done lots of things in my life, but mostly run heavy equipment and driven trucks for the past 20 years. Last driving job was running a concrete truck for 9 years with occasional dump trailer and flatbed work for the same company. Went back to school, now I'm a full-time student.

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