What is a good price for an '03?


I'm selling my wife's Warrior and getting a Busa. What's a good price (excluding fees, tax, etc.)? Hopefully we will be making a purchase this week. I would be willing to look out of state if worth it, so if you know of any good deals, let me know.


I've got my eye on an '03 silver/grey Busa in VA...the asking price, out the door was $12,700.  We talked them down to $10,900 out the door (that includes taxes, set up fees, etc), but it still feels a bit high considering the '04's are on their way next month?
I bought my '03 at Bartlesville Cyclesports in Bartlesville, OK. Talk with Kirstan (male) he will hook ya up with $9399, you pay tax in your state when you register. I gave him $9400, he gave me an '03 Busa and a $1. Simple.
That's a good price Houston! The lowest I've seen have been on Ebay...03's in stock (and being auctioned or you can opt to just buy one at their asking price) have been $9998 I believe...you got a deal...
yep... he'll give you the same deal if you call him... I drove 500 miles to pick it up.... it was a great price, and no BS when I got there... gave him the $$ ,and they helped me load it. We were on our way back within an hour.
I wouldn't discount a used Busa - there are some good deals to be had. I bought my 2001 blue and silver Busa used for $7,500 and it only had 500 miles and looked brand spanking new. It even came with helibars and a tank bra.
Thanks guys & gals - picked up an '03 silver/grey yesterday for $10,000 + TTL. Not the best deal going, but still pretty good. I was willing to pay a little extra to buy locally.
That's a hair better than what I've found...I was priced $10,900 out the door after haggling...

Congrats...you got the one I want! Post pics (because I can't get enough of looking at these Busas)
I paid $9600 for mine but also insisted that I got a good price on a helmet and jacket as well. (which I got)

The MSRP for the bike is only $10,850.00 so if you paid more, you paid more than retail.

Hope this helps,
I paid $10,000 OTD for an '03 40th at alamo cycleplex in San Antonio, Tx a couple of months back. went in 45 minutes before closing on a Saturday and made them the offer and stood by it. tried to work me for about $500 but held out and got it. rode it home.
just got my busa last week at haverstraw motorsports in ny,for $9699,I thought it was a decent price
I bought my 2002 silver from Bartlesville Cycle Sports I think I paid 9399 for it. I just had it destroyed from a hit and run. I called Bartlesville Cycle Sports and spoke with Kyle who I had bought my 2002 through and I told him I wanted the limited edition orange. He didnt have one but he managed to find one by calling around and I bought it for 9699. Its supposed to be in two weeks. I still will have to pay my states sales tax when I trailer it back but thats a good deal for the anniversary edition. contact info is below talk with Kyle. They dont make any commision but they have the best prices anywhere around.

Bartlesville Cycle Sports
1400 Tuxedo Blvd
Bartlesville, OK 74006-4109
I just bought a silver one today in Ft. Lauderdale for $10.1k OTD... That was about $9.2k for the bike new+tax,tag,title. I pick it up Saturday and can't wait. There was a limited edition orange one there for $100 more (which has no bearing on my decision) but I continue to struggle with the color choice... I can always cahnge my mind before Saturday... opinions anyone?